People of Lockheed Martin: John

People of Lockheed Martin: John
August 17, 2018

Name: John

Years at Lockheed Martin: 33 years

What is your current position? I am a Reliability and Safety Engineer

What are your day-to-day responsibilities? My job deals with ensuring the safety of our equipment. I design experiments and perform analysis to determine the overall safety. Also, I investigate what happens when equipment fails and find the root cause of the failure. I evaluate designs to ensure all the standards are met and I recommend changes if necessary.

Can you tell us about your grandson? Johnny is my 7-year-old grandson who lives with my wife, my daughter and me. Johnny was diagnosed with autism when he was about 2 years old. Although he sometimes presents us with challenges, he is the joy of our lives. He loves to sing, play on his swing set and swim! He also loves school. He is just finished first grade. He spends half of his day in a special education environment and half of the day in a traditional, first-grade class. Autistic children, such as Johnny, must learn to cope with varying degrees of disability so they can become the best that they can be. I hope that by sharing this picture of Johnny and this short story that I am also creating autism awareness.

Do you have a knack for problem solving and love the thrill of solving tough challenges? If so, think about joining the Lockheed Martin team.