People of Lockheed Martin: Meet Annie

People of Lockheed Martin: Meet Annie
October 22, 2018

Name: Annie

Years at Lockheed Martin: 29 years

What is your current position? IT Program Director

What are your day-to-day responsibilities? Responsible for ensuring IT services are delivered to our programs/customers in support of our mission

Can you tell us about how volunteering has made an impact?

I really enjoy volunteering in my community. Through the years I have been teaching my kids the importance of not just giving back and helping others but exposing yourself to differences, be it culture, environment, people, etc. So, the first year I volunteered for Special Olympics through Lockheed Martin, I brought them with me. My oldest daughter was a little nervous because she really wasn’t sure what she might have in common with the people she was going to be helping. Our job was to help runners exit the track and bring them to a tent for water. After about 10 minutes I noticed she hadn’t come back. When I found her, she was sitting with a competitor she had helped. As I walked over, the competitor said, ‘I want you to meet my friend Megan… my name is Megan too and we spell it the same way!’ Apparently, they both loved strawberries, loved to run, loved science and numbers and they hated to clean their rooms. My daughter said to me as we were walking back, ‘Why do they call this the Special Olympics again? We are more the same than we are different!’  I thought, ‘Wow, what a great life lesson,’ then she proceeded to point out how other kids don’t clean their rooms either.

Do you enjoy helping the community? If so, a career at Lockheed Martin might be for you.