People of Lockheed Martin: Meet Melinda

People of Lockheed Martin: Meet Melinda
November 13, 2018

Name: Melinda

Years at Lockheed Martin: 5 years

What is your current position? IT Technical Assistant

What are your day-to-day responsibilities? I prepare executive communications, presentations, and events for the IT Executive team. I assist in the integration of the IT strategy within my business area and lead various cultural initiatives within my organization.

What opportunity led you to a career with Lockheed Martin? A lot of my friends interned with Lockheed Martin throughout college and always spoke so highly about the company. I felt I could have a career with Lockheed Martin and started applying when I got close to graduating.

Can you tell us about how you got where you are today?

People tend to ask me, “Where did you work before this?” after hearing that I now work in IT. It shocks most when I respond that I was in Program Finance prior to my current role. In Program Finance, I became extremely familiar and comfortable with Earned Value and Cost Management. Eventually, I found myself taking on a stretch assignment working with IT on a Cost Management Tool. At first, I was nervous that I wouldn’t understand enough about IT to deliver the results expected of me, but instead I found myself loving all the intricate details that working with technology has to offer. After fully developing the Cost Management Tool, we were able to cut the time investment for the Program Finance Business Rhythm nearly in half. I now had a better grasp on everything I was capable of and decided to take a leap of faith into my new role in IT. I’m still not sure where my career is going, but so far, taking that risk was the best decision I ever made.

What has been the biggest impact from taking on a stretch assignment? It opened up so many doors to new career opportunities that I wasn’t aware were available to me.

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