Sikorsky and German Industry Propel CH-53K Forward

Sikorsky and German Industry Propel CH-53K Forward
April 26, 2018

Sikorsky and German Industry Propel CH-53K Forward

The CH-53K performs its first-ever aerial demonstration on German soil at the ILA Berlin Air Show, exhibiting the aircraft that is sparking significant contributions by German industry.

The CH-53K program is built on a strong foundation of partnership, purpose and collaboration. The role Sikorsky’s German industrial partners will play in propelling the CH-53K forward is key to the program’s success. At ILA Berlin, the CH-53K is taking center stage as it makes its international, German debut. Stage right, German suppliers have been at the ready, showcasing the significant contributions they will make to continue elevating the King Stallion in Germany – and across the globe.

While the world’s focus is on ILA Berlin, Sikorsky and its partners are thinking strategically, showcasing the plans for the long-term sustainment of the CH-53K by German aerospace industry. The plans will optimize maintenance and repair for the German Air Force for future decades.

With the legacy fleet of the CH-53G, Sikorsky has a strong relationship with the Bundeswehr, or German Armed Forces. The CH-53K will enable the German Armed Forces to build on that established legacy and conduct bona fide heavy lift operations in some of the most austere, hard-to-reach environments.

German companies participating in the CH-53K industry chalet at ILA Berlin are: Rheinmetall – which will lead the effort –  MTU, ZFL, Autoflug, Hydro, Rockwell Collins Germany, Jenoptik, Hensoldt, Liebherr, and Rohde & Schwarz. Below you can see the contributions these teammates will make to the helicopter.

"The CH-53K is the most modern and capable heavy lift helicopter ever built and has the ability to fly for the next 50 years performing ever expanding combat, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions," said Dan Schultz, president of Sikorsky.

Schultz, keen to provide the German Armed Forces with the most reliable, effective heavy lifter, continued, "We look forward to our partnership with German industry to bring true heavy lift capability to every aspect of the German Armed Forces."

Sikorsky and exclusive teammate for in-service support, Rheinmetall, continue to identify additional German defense companies to contribute to the sustainment of the helicopter in Germany.

The CH-53K is a production platform; it will be fielded to the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) as a fully-operational aircraft in 2019.  By the time Germany receives its first aircraft, the CH-53K will have been in service with the USMC for five years.

The King Stallion, born as an international, modern heavy lift solution, will provide the German Armed Forces with a proven helicopter that can be entered into service seamlessly without the need for upgrades for the next several decades.

At the ILA Berlin Air Show, the German public will have the opportunity to get an up-close look at the helicopter that is redefining heavy lift – the helicopter that signals the next leap in Germany’s industrial and defense capabilities.