1. You like talking about your work at parties

Like famed superheroes, cyber professionals are often cloaked protectors of the world's data. By day, they thwart the evil shenanigans of those who lurk. By night, they live amongst us mere mortals keeping their true identities well-guarded.


2. You like wearing a suit and tie every day

For the most part, cyber professionals are the people behind the technology, not in front of it, so put on your most productive outfit—professional or casual!


3. You like to work at home

Many cyber professionals are privy to top-secret information, so taking your work home isn’t an option. That is, of course, unless you live in a secure facility…but then you’d be the U.S. President.


4. You like being the smartest person in the room

Cyber touches every part of the business, exposing you to varying perspectives and brilliant minds. But there’s room for everyone at the table; find your niche, surround yourself with smart people, and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.


5. You are a creature of habit

Evolving threats, rotating shifts, continuous learning, cutting edge technologies and staying one step ahead of your adversaries. Boring work? Nah.


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