Marillyn Hewson and Rick Ambrose Named LinkedIn Top Voices

Marillyn Hewson and Rick Ambrose Named LinkedIn Top Voices
December 04, 2019

LinkedIn has named our Chairman, President and CEO Marillyn Hewson as one of its Top Voices of 2019. She was recognized among the 20 must-know “U.S. Influencers” – those “leaders, thinkers and innovators who are driving today’s business conversations.”

On LinkedIn, Marillyn shares a variety of content about Lockheed Martin’s work to support global security and advance scientific discovery, our efforts to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce, and our contributions to our communities. She also highlights our strong relationship with the U.S. government and customers around the world, as well as our initiatives to support veterans and advance STEM.

LinkedIn asked Marillyn what was the best conversation she’s seen around her content this year. Her response: “My post highlighting Lockheed Martin’s “Inside Skunk Works” podcast sparked discussion about the groundbreaking technologies the Skunk Works® team has pioneered for more than 75 years. LinkedIn is about making connections and building community, so I was pleased to see the commentary and feedback from a variety of readers, including retired military officials, academics, recent graduates, engineers and employees.”

Marillyn has used LinkedIn since 2013 and has garnered almost 380,000 followers. You can join the conversation and follow her here.   

In addition, Rick Ambrose, Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin Space, was selected as a LinkedIn Top Voice of 2019 in the Technology category. Rick writes about the future of space, advancing digital tools, and leading and working with a team of talented professionals to accomplish extraordinary missions.

You can follow Rick here

When LinkedIn asked Rick about the inspiration behind his content, he shared, “I’m inspired by innovation and by challenges. In the last five years, we’ve seen more than 1,000 new companies enter the space industry. That’s exciting – there’s a lot of opportunity to grow and shape new ideas and technology. And it pushes us – a company that’s been involved in space exploration for decades – to try new things. It’s the trying, failing and growing that inspires me and also makes for good lessons learned to share with others.”