Life @ LM: Meet Savanna

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For Savanna, her role as a Lockheed Martin system integration engineer is more than a job. Both of Savanna’s parents have served in the military, and she has seen firsthand her impact on the products she helps integrate and prepare for flight.

“Lockheed Martin has been a large part of my career, and I plan to stay here. I appreciate and value working on the products that will one day save the warfighter,” she said. “Both my Mom and Dad were in the United States Navy, so for me, it means so much more.”

Savanna tests and troubleshoots flight hardware at the full product level. Her day to day includes testing flight assets using equipment to check out if the hardware is ready for flight, and she works alongside the software engineers to solve really complex problems.

“You get a flavor for everything. Systems engineers are a jack of all trades, so you get to learn about all aspects of a program and essentially are the glue that keeps the program going,” she said.

Working for Lockheed Martin since 2017, some important lessons she’s learned already are: speak up and ask questions, communication helps to solve problems faster, it is important to understand what will be the best impact in the long run, and lastly, draw a line in the sand and keep going.

Do you want to be able to grow and learn new skills in a career like Savanna’s? If so, a career at Lockheed Martin might be for you.