Lockheed Martin’s Commitment to Hiring During COVID-19 Pandemic

A conversation with Vice President of Workforce Solutions and Intelligence Jean Wallace


Lockheed Martin is actively searching for 5,000 talented people to join teams at various locations across the nation. They have open positions for experienced professionals as well as for recent college graduates.

Business at Lockheed Martin is essential to protecting the nation, so the health and wellbeing of employees, partners and candidates is a top priority. To continue moving hiring efforts forward, the entire recruitment process is now virtual.

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Let’s take an in-depth look at Lockheed Martin’s ongoing commitment to hiring with Vice President of Workforce Solutions and Intelligence Jean Wallace.

Not Slowing Down at All

National security never stops and Lockheed Martin plays an essential role in supporting the critical missions of its customers in the United States and abroad. They are committed to continue hiring during this crisis and have added close to 1,000 new employees over the past few weeks. In addition, Lockheed Martin is currently advertising 5,000 open positions.

“We have not slowed down at all, because of our commitments to customers. We want to make sure that you are able to have access to great job opportunities,” says Jean Wallace, Lockheed Martin’s vice president of Workforce Solutions. “We feel like we can provide those opportunities in many different areas. We recognize that providing jobs during this period of economic downturn is critically important.”

Empowering Individuals to do Work Meaningful to Them

Given the requirement for social distancing, Lockheed Martin is deploying virtual technology and other techniques to sustain hiring activity during this crisis period. Many interviews are being held virtually, and Lockheed Martin is reviewing the need for each new employee to work on-site at a facility on a case-by-case basis. Whenever possible Lockheed Martin encourages employees to work from home during this time.

“While COVID-19 has probably pushed us to leverage our technologies a little faster than anticipated, hiring managers and leaders are really having to think about how to get the work done differently,” Wallace says. “By leveraging all the technologies that we have, we are able to continue to build our pipeline of talent and enable candidates to do work that is meaningful to them.”

Wallace also assures that Lockheed Martin will continue to remain competitive in the marketplace. “We have very good work-life balance opportunities,” she says. “We provide great benefits, and competitive compensation as well.”

Requirements to Fill Critical Skills Remain the Same

Lockheed Martin has five critical skill areas that are currently a priority, particularly in the STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) talent pipeline. These are fields of cyber: RF engineering, software engineering, systems engineering, electrical engineering, and advance manufacturing operations.

According to Wallace, “The new recruiting approach has not shifted the requirements to fill these critical skill areas. We will continue to provide great job opportunities for you. If you are interested in coming to work for an organization that provides very diverse career experiences and leverages, particularly on the engineering and technical sides, really exciting work not only from a mission perspective but also from an overall open work environment, Lockheed Martin is the place for you.” 

Always Looking for the Best and Brightest Talent

Lockheed Martin is also offering a message of optimism to graduating college students. They look to hire upwards of 2,500 graduating students per year through internships as well as full-time roles for recent graduates. Start a career with Lockheed Martin. Click here for opportunities. 

“We’re always looking for the best and brightest talent,” Wallace says. “We have a very strong internship program, and in that internship program we have a goal of converting upwards of 70% of our interns into full-time positions. We build our talent pipeline from the beginning of your academic journey, enabling annual internships or other work-study programs, so you can grow a relationship and long term career with Lockheed Martin. This allows you to experience the actual work, the career path possibilities, and the learning opportunities and options available to you.”  

From green energy to aerospace, there are so many ways to make a difference with Lockheed Martin!