Lockheed Martin Software Factory Continues to Expand with Accelerated Software Development Capability

Lockheed Martin Software Factory Continues to Expand with Accelerated Software Development Capability

August 24, 2020

With a nationwide network of locations and experts up and running, Lockheed Martin’s Software Factory is propelling modern software practices for the rapid development and continuous delivery of software to advance customer mission needs.

Lockheed Martin Software Factory operations are deployed company-wide, complemented by a secure cloud infrastructure designed to enable both classified and unclassified capabilities. Lockheed Martin has also pioneered a compliance process for its Software Factory infrastructure, to ensure programs meet stringent customer requirements. Software Factory is part of the company’s Digital Transformation initiative, which is revolutionizing design, engineering, production, and sustainment efforts across the company.

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“Our Software Factories combine secure server infrastructure, automated toolkits, modern software processes and trained experts to meet the needs of our customers’ missions,” said Yvonne Hodge, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Transformation. “With 17,500 Lockheed Martin engineers supporting software solutions across land, sea, air and space domains, we’ve led critical software development for decades. We’ve strategically aligned resources and tools towards DevSecOps to dramatically accelerate the delivery of software-enabled mission capabilities.”

Each Software Factory is designed to enable speed, efficiency and agility in software engineering.

  • Faster Start-Ups: The first stages of any new program are crucial to moving quickly and keeping deliveries on track. Software Factories include ready-to-deploy development environments that can establish servers, systems and applications in a matter of days.
  • Greater Agility: Through flexible, open and modular architectures and containerization – which lets engineers quickly develop and deploy software changes and upgrades at scale –Software Factories speed development cycles and processes that drive deliveries in weeks or even days.
  • Built-In Security: Software Factories link development, security and operations teams into DevSecOps frameworks that ensure security is built in from the start.
  • Training and Development for Engineers: A national network of dedicated Software Factory experts ensure the company’s software engineers keep pace with the latest processes and technologies from across the industry and apply them to program innovations and rapidly support customer mission needs.

“We’ve championed Agile for aerospace and defense for 20 years, and now we’re advancing the next generation of software development,” said Hodge. “Software Factory is part of our strong focus on systems and digital engineering, which ensures the systems we design and build meet customer requirements and expectations.”

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