Life @ LM: Meet Michelle

Check out our vlog series called “Life @ LM” where our employees walk you through what their week at Lockheed Martin is like.

When manufacturing planner Michelle Kelly first learned she’d be working from home last spring, she was looking forward to staying comfortable during the day and spending more time with her dog, Gucci. But after a few weeks, she could feel a difference in her productivity.

“For the first few months of quarantine, I had to get creative with my work environment, working from my kitchen counter and my ironing board because the desk I ordered was delayed,” she said. “But after receiving my desk, working from home has been a breeze.”

As an associate in Lockheed Martin’s Operations Leadership Development Program, Michelle has spent two years rotating through different company teams and sites, so she was no stranger to change in the workplace. She started color coding her calendar to set an organized schedule and made it a habit to work at her desk, creating a set workspace. And through the adjustments, Michelle found ways to break up her day, taking time to log off and take care of herself.

“I start my day by walking my dog and making a cup of tea before work,” she said. “Taking my dog on walks helps me get some fresh air and clear my mind. And during the day I do small exercises on my yoga and Pilates ball chair.”

Michelle knows that her experience set her up for success, and adjusting to learning at home will help shape her future work ethic. “Being in a rotational program has enabled me to become more flexible and comfortable with change,” she said.

Do you want to be able to grow and learn new skills in a career like Michelle’s? If so, a career at Lockheed Martin might be for you.