Four Firings, Three Platforms, Two Configurations – One Versatile Javelin

Four Firings, Three Platforms, Two Configurations – One Versatile Javelin

Javelin continues to flex its versatility with the successful test firings off multiple platforms and vehicles, evolving with customer needs.

Javelin recently conducted multiple live fire exercises to demonstrate vehicle mounted launch. The demonstrations included integrations on multiple Kongsberg remote weapon stations, multiple vehicles, and successful day, night and extended range engagements using both wired and wireless launch controls.

Multi-Platform Demonstration

In collaboration with the U.S. Army and various defense contractors, the Javelin Joint Venture conducted a four-shot, multi-platform demonstration at the U.S. Army Redstone Test Center in Alabama on May 25, 2021. Javelin, a close combat, fire-and-forget weapon system, successfully engaged all four targets, demonstrating enhanced platform-based lethality.

During the demonstration, three different ground platforms fired Javelin:

  • Oshkosh’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV)
  • Qinetiq North America’s Robotic Combat Vehicle-Light (RCV-L)
  • Flyer Defense’s Ground Mobility Vehicle

Each vehicle was equipped with a different configuration of the Kongsberg Common Remotely Operated Station-Javelin (CROWS-J) and Protector RS6 Heavy Remote Weapon Station. Using both top-attack and direct-attack engagement trajectories, Javelin scored direct hits on tank hulk targets, positioned at 700 meters, 2,000 meters and 3,250 meters away.

“Javelin’s superior fire and forget guidance significantly enhances operator survivability, as it allows the vehicles to maneuver immediately after missile launch,” Javelin Joint Venture President Marek Wolert said.

The demonstration also included one Javelin firing in its man-portable configuration.

Kongsberg Common Remotely Operated Station-Javelin (CROWS-J)

“While Javelin was originally designed for one-man-portable use, this firing demonstrated its versatile platform integration capabilities,” Javelin Joint Venture Vice President Dave Pantano said. “The four-shot demonstration also showed attendees that Javelin maintains its precision and performance, regardless of configuration or platform type.”

One engagement showcased the latest in-production Javelin variant, the F-Model. This missile provides improved performance against “soft targets” by virtue of its multi-purpose warhead.

“During the demonstration, our multi-service attendees appeared interested in Javelin’s low weight, ability to defeat all known armor, as well as its integration capabilities,” Pantano said. “With its improved lethality and survivability in the close combat domain, we believe Javelin is the ideal solution to defending against emerging near-peer threats.”

This recent demonstration builds on the Javelin Joint Venture’s past experience with a CROWS-J integration. In 2019, the company used the CROWS-J to fire Javelin from a Titan unmanned ground vehicle, also using QinetiQ wireless remote systems. Javelin has also been fielded on the CROWS-J across the U.S. Army Stryker 8x8 vehicle brigades in Europe.

Javelin/Stryker Demonstration

In April 2021, Stryker performed two extended range Javelin firings at the Redstone Arsenal. The first firing was a day shot, firing Javelin Block 0 against a tank target at 3,200 meters. The second was a night shot, firing a Block 1 against a tank target at 3,500 meters. Both were successful, demonstrating enhanced Stryker capability to engage extended range armored targets in both day and night conditions.

“The extension of Javelin’s platform-based capability is a priority for us, as we truly believe it enhances our warfighters’ advantage with a reliable, effective, extended-range weapon system on their platforms in the field,” Wolert said. “Building on the weapon’s strong performance, we’re developing system upgrades to further increase engagement ranges and significantly reduce engagement timelines.”

About Javelin

Javelin is a versatile one-man-portable and platform-employed multi-purpose weapon system. The Javelin Joint Venture team has produced more than 50,000 Javelin missiles and 12,000 command launch units. The program continually updates the system to stay ahead of advancing threats, including enhancing its platform-mounted capabilities. U.S. and coalition forces have used Javelin extensively in Afghanistan and Iraq in more than 5,000 engagements.