2021 STEM and Vocational Scholarship Recipient Announcement

Lockheed Martin Congratulates 2021 Scholars!
July 19, 2021

Lindsey Chiu came home one day in April to the news that she had been selected as a recipient of the Lockheed Martin STEM scholarship, earning herself $10,000 to contribute toward her college expenses.

“It has been my lifelong dream to become an aerospace engineer and study at a top university like Georgia Tech,” said Lindsey. “As a child of a single parent, we have always tried our best to save money for college. However, being an out-of-state student makes it financially challenging to attend my dream school.

Lockheed Martin’s generous $10,000 scholarship has given my mom and I reassurance about my future and has helped substantially alleviate the financial burden. I am committed to pursuing a higher education and joining my fellow women in STEM.”

Lindsey is one of 200 students receiving such scholarships this year. The Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship is awarded annually to high school seniors and undergraduates majoring in engineering or computer science, who demonstrate financial need, and come from underserved or underrepresented communities. Recipients also have the ability to renew their scholarships for up to four years, making the total award worth up to $40,000. 

Lindsey Chiu
This year’s class represents some of the brightest minds entering the STEM field who have persevered in their studies through the hardships of the last year. 

STEM Scholarship

Vocational Scholarship


Trace Strock shared a similar experience after being selected for the 2021 Lockheed Martin Vocational Training Scholarship. Trace attends Trenholm State Technical College in Montgomery, AL and is working towards his certification in Mechanic & Repair Technologies.

“As I continue my academic career, this scholarship will be so helpful in completing my degree on time so that I may enter the workforce and begin my career,” said Trace. “It seems to me that many of my peers have lost sight of the importance of individuals that are formally trained in a trade.”

This first-of-its-kind program is awarded to students with a high school diploma seeking training from an accredited vocational-technical institution to prepare them for a career in technology and advanced manufacturing.

“[Lockheed Martin’s] support of students that plan to enter a trade is paramount to ensuring that America’s upcoming generations understand the dire need and importance of formally trained tradespeople.”  

The Vocational Training Scholarship is particularly special as it is not limited to students directly out of high school, giving a significantly greater range of people the opportunity to study and train for a skilled career path. 

A total of 150 Vocational Training Scholarship were awarded in 2021, with each recipient receiving a $6,600 stipend to help cover the cost of tuition.

In total, Lockheed Martin is donating more than $6.5 million to students in need this year. This contribution is part of a 2018 initiative to create 8,000 new workforce development programs and invest $50 million in educational enrichment programs. The awards are funded by proceeds from corporate tax reform and are part of a larger investment of $460 million by Lockheed Martin in education and innovation over a period of five years.

The second annual awarding of STEM and Vocational Training Scholarships was made possible in coordination with Scholarship America.