CYBERQUEST® and Code Quest

CYBERQUEST® and Code Quest
April 05, 2022

Recently, Lockheed Martin completed its fifth annual CYBERQUEST® competition in which high school students collaborated to solve dynamic cyber security problems created by our world-renowned engineers.

Students unraveled a range of challenges during the virtual event, including multi-step intrusion, steganography, reverse engineering, full OS hacks, packet capture and web exploits.

CYBERQUEST® is not only an opportunity for high school students to work on real-world engineering problems, but the event also serves as a talent pipeline for students to earn internships at Lockheed Martin.

We believe in developing the next generation of cyber professionals.

This year, Lockheed Martin is hosting its 10th annual Code Quest competition where high school students will solve computer programming problems created by our software engineers.

Know a student that can crack the code? Keep them in mind for our 2023 competitions.

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