F-35 Training Systems Keep Pilots Mission Ready

F-35 Training Systems Keep Pilots Mission Ready
November 18, 2022

Before any pilot straps into the single seat, 5th Gen fighter, they achieve qualification through nearly a year of training within classroom and simulated environments. This training brings confidence and expertise needed to conduct any mission and return safely after every flight. The F-35 training solutions provide critical training to increase readiness across F-35 mission areas.

F-35 aircraft and supporting elements, including Training Systems, are critical components of the 21st Century Security strategy for F-35 users across the United States services and international partners. The F-35 program represents an investment in combat capability and networked operations, with the aircraft serving as a central node for joint all domain operations capabilities.

Through forecasting future combat environments and delivering capability to those that fly, maintain, and support the aircraft, we are ensuring full training and proficiency in these environments to provide deterrence and preparedness to execute if called upon. By enabling mission readiness that is delivered through foundational skills training and relevant 5th Gen mission rehearsal, the Lockheed Martin team is supporting F-35 pilots and maintainers staying ahead of ready.

Enabling Mission Readiness

Training through simulation is a cost-effective solution to equip pilots with the knowledge and confidence to complete 5th Gen missions. Currently, the F-35 Full Mission Simulator maintains a >90% mission capable rate to keep student pilots and qualified operational pilots on track through their training and readiness events.

F-35 Training Systems

The F-35 program is not a static solution, so Lockheed Martin has enhanced solutions to execute in the future battlespace. Expanding mission sets and capabilities will all require training for F-35 crews to deter and engage threats, and training solutions and services continue to enable expanding F-35 missions to prepare for any fight.

Train to the High-End Fight

Mission Rehearsal Training (MRT) Solutions reduce the footprint necessary to train pilots while maintaining the fidelity of training needed to complete critical training missions. MRT Solutions connect to the existing sets of F-35 Full Mission Simulators and are also outfitted with aircraft operational software, providing training capability, flexibility, and additional capacity needed by customers around the world. The global environment is increasingly dynamic, and stability cannot be taken for granted – ready teams across the globe have highlighted the F-35 as a solution for security needs now and in the future.

During the deployment of F-35B’s on HMS Queen Elizabeth for Carrier Strike Group 21, the Deployable Mission Rehearsal Trainer enabled pilots to continue their training and practice missions while on deployment aboard the carrier. This training capability at the point of need allowed pilots to maintain their skills across all F-35 missions.

While Mission Rehearsal Training Solutions continue to evolve with customer needs, Lockheed Martin stands ready to support and provide innovative solutions and help armed forces across the world answer the call to any mission at any time and stand prepared for 21st Century operations.