Meet Some of the Team that 'Anchors' LCS

Meet Some of the Team that 'Anchors' LCS
May 04, 2022

Many know the Freedom-variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) as the small surface vessel program the U.S. Navy partners with Lockheed Martin to build. The LCS is designed to complete critical close-to-shore missions for the Navy, such as countermine operations, humanitarian assistance, anti-submarine warfare, and drug interdictions.

Behind each ship, and all that encompass it, are the people who work to make LCS what it is. Those are the Lockheed Martin LCS program employees. At the last ship christening in November 2021, we spoke with three of those dedicated and passion-driven employees.

(L to r) Carrie Felch, Rob Barnes, and Corey Wagner are three of the many hard-working employees on the LCS program based in Marinette, Wisconsin.

Meet Corey Wagner

Corey was born and raised in Marinette and is extremely proud to be part of the program. His mom also worked at the Fincantieri Marinette Marine shipyard where LCS is built.

Meet Carrie Felch

Carrie is a Navy veteran who has a close connection to LCS. She shares that although she was in the Navy, the LCS was the first ship she ever stepped foot on.

Meet Rob Barnes

Rob has an important role on the LCS team, ensuring that the ship has its navigation certification, and is safe and ready before it sets out sea. Watch his clip to the end for a very sweet fact!
Safe and reliable, lethal and fast, this ship is designed to advance the Navy’s mission, and it has been doing just that for almost 15 years. The people behind LCS make sure of that.