LRASM Speeds Up 21st Century Security Solutions

LRASM Speeds Up 21st Century Security Solutions
April 03, 2023

How Lockheed Martin Continues to Innovate LRASM for the Multi-Mission Fight

To outpace threats means to continue innovating with significant speed to stay ahead of the adversary’s next move. To prepare and plan for the next move requires the right tools for the right mission.

That’s where multi-mission capabilities come into play.

With more than 20 years of experience providing highly survivable and accurate cruise missiles, Lockheed Martin continues to develop cruise missile capabilities that offer maximum flexibility in a variety of domains and environments.

The AGM-158 family of cruise missiles, which includes the JASSM and Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), continues to offer that long-range, stealthy flexibility for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and partnered allies.

To increase the capability it brings the warfighter, LRASM is focused on adding more air-launched platforms and expanding to ground launch solutions.

LRASM has been successfully integrated and fielded on the B-1B and F/A-18E/F, with integration contracts underway with the U.S. services and partners for the F-35 and P-8 aircraft.

Coupling the unique lethality and range of LRASM with the survivability of the combat-proven HIMARS for a ground-launch variant provides a powerful combination deployable in a variety of scenarios, including conventional and asymmetric warfare.

LRASM has previously demonstrated the ability to launch from a surface, using a MK 41 Vertical Launch System (VLS) canister with a MK-114 booster


Supporting a wide array of platforms makes LRASM a valuable asset for military operations.  

“By expanding LRASM’s platforms and capabilities, we are continuing to generate flexible solutions for our U.S. and international partners to substantially deter conflicts” said Lisbeth Vogelpohl, LRASM Program Director.

Transforming for Tomorrow

The AGM-158 product family is undergoing transformation, enabling Lockheed Martin to further support the warfighter in more ways than ever before. New approaches and tools are at the forefront as this system moves forward on a robust development roadmap.

In partnership with U.S. Navy, LRASM is consistently evolving to include new variants that increase the weapon’s standoff range, updated sensor packages, as well as other game-changing technology upgrades.

This rapid development comes along with innovations to speed up production. The AGM-158 products are ramping to deliver increased quantities to keep the warfighter prepared for the ever-evolving emerging threats ahead.  

In Troy, Alabama, one of the newest factories features automation and advanced robotics that can take on tasks like sculpting and painting. Virtual build and simulation data is used to accurately forecast equipment and tooling needed to optimize utilization and industrial engineering capabilities.

Lockheed Martin is taking a transformative approach to every facet of manufacturing, which means even the way employees are trained is evolving to meet the needs of tomorrow. With the use of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, employees are getting hands-on experience building JASSMs and LRASMs before they step on the manufacturing floor.

Another factor accelerating capacity is the similar approach to the AGM-158 systems, which share mature production lines with common components amongst major sub-assemblies.

These strategies will propel LRASM to double production volume in 2023.

The AGM-158 teams are continuing to identify opportunities to upgrade capabilities and increase through-put that lead to more effective, affordable and producible solutions for our U.S. military partners.

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