Lockheed Martin at the SCSP AI Expo: Advancing Technology for National Competitiveness

Lockheed Martin at the SCSP AI Expo: Advancing Technology for National Competitiveness

June 13, 2024

Event Overview

  • Lockheed Martin’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Steven Walker joined other industry and national security leaders for the Special Competitive Studies Project’s (SCSP) second annual Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security and inaugural AI Expo for National Competitiveness.
  • The central theme of Dr. Walker’s panel discussion was the future of advanced technology and its critical role in national security.


Lockheed Martin’s Commitment to Innovation

During the Ash Carter Exchange, Dr. Walker noted Lockheed Martin’s long-standing history of delivering cutting-edge technology to address complex security challenges. Notably, Dr. Walker emphasized the company’s investment in AI to support warfighters, underscoring the importance of leveraging technology for national security. “People talk about AI being the future,” said Dr. Walker, “it is today.”


Government-Industry Collaboration

Dr. Walker also highlighted a key area where the government is supporting innovation and advanced technology, including developing policies that support U.S. competitiveness and anti-fragility, with the CHIPS and Science Act. The Act encourages investment in U.S. semiconductor manufacturing, research and development, and the workforce.

Lockheed Martin is committed to strengthening the supply chain for semiconductors used in critical defense systems, and the CHIPS Act is a key enabler of that.

AI Factory: Delivering Trustworthy AI

Also at the AI Expo, Lockheed Martin demonstrated its AI Factory, led by Greg Forrest, director, AI Foundations. The briefing, titled “Enabling Trustworthy AI Across the Enterprise,” showcased Lockheed Martin’s AI framework. From data centers to remote edge devices and autonomous vehicles, this framework ensures the delivery of trustworthy AI to our partners and customers. Notably, Lockheed Martin’s trustworthy AI framework aligns with emerging standards for AI/ML safety and security set by President Biden’s AI Executive Order.

In addition, Dr. Valerie Browning, vice president, Research & Technology, shared her perspective on the future of technology. Her panel, titled “Forecasting the Frontier: Global Perspectives on Tech Horizon Scanning,” explored trends over the next 30 years.

Greg Forrest briefs the Lockheed Martin AI Factory at the 2024 SCSP AI Expo for National Competitiveness
Greg Forrest briefs the Lockheed Martin AI Factory at the 2024 SCSP AI Expo for National Competitiveness
*image courtesy of the Special Competitive Studies Project


Overall Impact

Lockheed Martin is continually building on its long history of developing and integrating AI into defense tech solutions at scale to help customers complete their missions with greater speed, accuracy and safety. Leveraging innovative technology like AI/ML is central to 21st Century Security®, which aims to build a more advanced, resilient and collaborative defense industry that keeps the United States and its allies ahead of emerging threats.

The company’s participation in the SCSP AI Expo for National Competitiveness underscored this commitment to innovation and the future of technology.

To learn more about Lockheed Martin’s AI/ML solutions, visit: https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/capabilities/artificial-intelligence-machine-learning.html