Strengthening PAC-3’s Global Supply Chain with Polish Industrial Partnerships

Strengthening PAC-3’s Global Supply Chain with Polish Industrial Partnerships

January 10, 2024

At Lockheed Martin, our mission is to ensure that our customers always stay ahead of evolving threats. No matter where we operate, this is at the forefront of everything we do, but we can’t do this alone. 


Local industrial partnerships and in-country operations help drive our successful missions. In Poland as a result of Wisla Offset Program, Lockheed Martin has formed partnerships with key Polish government defense companies to execute high-value projects that sustain high-value engineering jobs and provide new areas of technology, training and technical assistance to the Polish defense industrial base. 


“Our commitment to Poland’s national defense is not just about the next few years – this is a long-term commitment,” said Anna Ortylewski, In-country Leader for Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) Poland Offsets.  “As a trusted partner for Poland’s national defense, we’re consistently working to build technical capabilities within the Polish industrial base, create and sustain existing high-value jobs, and build a strong skills base, adding value to the Polish Armed Forces and the Polish Ministry of National Defense.”


These projects provide capabilities to strengthen Poland’s regional security under the WISLA program. Lockheed Martin’s PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE) is a core element of Poland’s missile defense and is a vital part of their WISLA program. Over the past 12 months, our Polish industrial partners have completed several key milestones that have contributed to the success of the PAC-3 program.


“This year has seen several key and critical milestones completed – it’s an exciting point in time, and each milestone takes us closer to our goal of in-country manufacturing that supports the worldwide PAC-3 program,” added Ortylewski.


Significant Marker: Major Milestones Completed - 2023


WZE completes ELES/J-Box Production and MCU Project

Wojskowe Zakłady Elektroniczne S.A(WZE) completed production for the Enhanced Launcher Electronics System (ELES)and Junction-box (J-box) production programs. The ELES and J-Box systems are crucial to the PAC-3 MSE’s launcher and ground equipment. This milestone makes the ELES and J-box production the first ‘build to print’ project to close out in WISLA Phase I. 


As part of its offset commitment, Lockheed Martin supported the technical transfer of key data, final assembly and testing of manufactured solutions. After four years of partnership, WZE joined Lockheed Martin’s Approved Supplier List, fulfilling the final ELES and J-box statement of work exit criteria. This milestone creates the opportunity for WZE to bid on WISLA Phase II Production Contract, strengthening the transatlantic partnership, and bringing PAC-3 ground equipment production in-country.


Under the Offset Implementation Agreement, WZE is responsible for executing seven of the fifteen Projects for WISLA Phase I. This milestone marks the fourth completed offsets project for WZE in WISLA Phase 1. 


WZE also completed the Motor Controller Unit (MCU) project enabling WZE to design, build, and test electronic circuit cards found in high power applications, motor controls and digital hardware. This project completion assures that WZE is in alignment with U.S. standards and Lockheed Martin supplier best practices. 


“This is a real celebratory moment for WZE, and it also reinforces Lockheed Martin’s commitment to Poland’s Industrial base,” said Ortylewski. “This is not about aspirations – it’s another proof point of fulfilled commitments, which aligns to WZE's long-term strategy of transforming from a repair plant to a specialised components supplier for the world's leading manufacturers of military equipment.”


“These [fulfilled]commitments are not only a catalyst for WZE to secure production and service for Polish Armed Forces, but are also enabling us to become a certified Lockheed Martin supplier,” said Damian Gorzelany, WZE President of the Board.


WZL 1 completes Launch Tube Production

In 2023, Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze Nr. 1 (WZL 1) completed several critical milestones that ultimately enabled them to gain the U.S. Government certificate to become an official PAC-3 supplier. 


WZL 1 went through rigorous reviews and production line verification to validate its manufacturing operations and processes. These steps allow them to begin production on PAC-3 MSE Launch Tubes, a critical piece of the PAC-3 MSE production. The PAC-3 MSE Launch Tube is a filament-wound square profile that provides the primary structural housing for and interface between the missile and the launcher system elements as an all-around configuration for the missile. Lockheed Martin officially placed two production orders with the company for the launch tubes with more production orders on the way, bringing another significant aspect of PAC-3 MSE production to Poland.


“WZL1's vast experience, qualified personnel and effective cooperation with Lockheed Martin allowed WZL1 not only to launch the production line used to implement the assumptions of the WISLA program but also strengthened the position of the company as a trusted business partner prepared to undertake any activities for the security of the Polish state”, said Marcin Nocuń, President of the Management Board, CEO, WZL1.


WZU Successfully Completes HCU Project

A successful First Article Inspection unit is the final step of the Offset portion of the Heater Controller Unit (HCU) project. The HCU project established a robust foundation enabling Wojskowe Zaklady Uzbrojenia (WZU) to build, and test with Lockheed Martin’s standards and best practices.


The HCU is a device mounted on the launcher station frame that interfaces with the missile canisters and is responsible for providing power to the PAC-3 MSE heating strips providing heat to the PAC-3 MSE solid fuel missile motor at low ambient temperatures.


The First Article Inspection unit captures all the manufacturing processes that WZU is required to perform to build a quality product that adheres to the Lockheed Martin standard. The achievement of this significant and final milestone means WZU is now a Lockheed Martin-approved supplier, bringing business to the Polish Industry. 


Looking Ahead – WISLA Phase II 


In August 2023, Lockheed Martin and the Polish Ministry of National Defense finalized an agreement for offset commitments supporting the PAC-3 WISLA Phase II program. The agreement creates eight new projects that will sustain high-value engineering jobs in Poland and provide new areas of technology, training, and technical assistance to the Polish defense industrial base.


These projects will build on Lockheed Martin’s existing relationships within the Polish defense industry under the initial WISLA program and provide capabilities to strengthen Poland’s regional security. Projects include growing hardware-in-the-loop capability, which expands missile system test abilities at PGZ (Radom) and PCO (Warsaw), expanding the capacity for launch tube production at WZL 1 (Deblin) and aircraft maintenance at WZL 2 (Bydgoszcz). Another project will provide training, equipment and software to support solid rocket motor production at Mesko (Skarzysko-Kamienna). 


“Our partnership with the Polish industrial base and Ministry of National Defense is providing real economic prosperity to local communities across Poland and delivering critical security assets to Polish armed forces,” said Robert Orzylowski, director for Lockheed Martin Poland, Central and East Europe. “This work also boosts the critical skills needed to develop national industrial capability and expertise for the future.”


The PAC-3 offsets team is tracking several key successful milestones in 2024. With every milestone, the team gets closer and closer to completing each project in WISLA Phase I &II.