Three Things to Know About Air Power in the Indo-Pacific

Three Things to Know About Air Power in the Indo-Pacific

February 15, 2024

Today’s global security challenges reinforce the need for allied presence in the Indo-Pacific. Through 21st Century Security Solutions, Lockheed Martin platforms safeguard peace and security. Here are three ways our platforms are at work:


1. Permanent Presence of 5th Generation Air Power 

By 2035, 300+ F-35s will call the Indo-Pacific region home. This includes F-35s from the U.S., Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Singapore.

2. Strengthening Allied Partnerships

Today, allied nations participate in regional exercises to enhance integration between nations. Some recent exercises include:
Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Jovan Banks


Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Jovan Banks

Exercise Vigilant DefenseIn October 2023, American F-35s and F-16s trained with South Korean F-35s and aircraft from the Royal Australian Air Force. Exercises like this strengthen interoperability with allies in the region. 


East China Sea F-35 Image


Photo Credit: Airman 1st Class Tylir Meyer

Joint Training Over the East China Sea: In Fall 2023, U.S. Air Force F-35s trained with Japanese aircraft over the East China Sea. These exercises are critical to deterring aggression and maintaining regional peace and stability. 


RAAF F-35 Image


Photo Credit: Royal Australian Air Force, CPL Kieren Whiteley

Exercise Elang Ausindo: In Sept. 2023, a bilateral air combat exercise brought together six Australian F-35As and six Indonesian F-16s to generate tactics and techniques of air operations.


Bushido Guardian F-35


Photo Credit: Royal Australian Air Force, LAC Samuel Miller

Australian F-35s Deploy to Japan: In September 2023, Australian F-35s deployed to Japan for the first time. “Developing a mutual understanding in how we each operate the F-35A, is essential to how Australia and Japan contribute to the collective security of the Indo-Pacific,” said Air Marshal Rob Chipman, chief of Australia’s Air Force. “Our aviators will develop their skills deploying overseas, 5,800 kilometers from home, and forge professional relationships with their Japanese counterparts.” 


3. Our Growing Sustainment Footprint

We recognize that sustainment is critical in ensuring readiness. Today, we remain focused on strengthening the repair capacity and supply chain maturity across our programs. Japan is home to one of three Final Assembly and Check Out (FACO) facilities at Komaki South in Nagoya. In addition, the stand-up of the North Asia Regional Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, and Upgrade (MROU), also in Nagoya, was completed in 2020. This facility will be utilized by JASDF and USAF jets.  

Our platforms continue to support the allied mission to maintain stability and security in the Indo-Pacific region. To learn more about our Aeronautics products, Click Here.