MadaKids STEM Kindergarten Opening Ceremony

MadaKids STEM Kindergarten Opening Ceremony
December 11, 2016

Thank you, Joshua.

Minister Bennett, Mayor Zohar, Mr. Leven, honored teachers, students, and special guests – it is an honor to join you as we celebrate the official opening for the second MadaKids science kindergarten.

As I walked through these halls earlier this morning, I noticed the wall commemorating the life of Ilan [Ramone], Israel’s first astronaut. It is fitting that this MadaKids kindergarten recognizes his legacy of courage and sacrifice. It’s a legacy that ought to continue to inspire the children of Israel to study, learn, and aim for the stars.

Although Ilan is Israel’s only astronaut to travel on a mission to Space so far, he will certainly not be the last.

At Lockheed Martin, we believe that industry has a special role to play in opening the doors of opportunity to children and in welcoming them into the world of scientific discovery, engineering, and innovation.

I hope there are some children here who want to follow in Ilan’s footsteps.

Such possibilities are just one reason we are so proud to partner with Israel’s Ministry of Education, the Kiryat Malachi municipality, and the Rashi Foundation, to help prepare them to achieve their dreams through a quality education.

The State of Israel understands better than almost any nation in the world the importance of educating the next generation in science, technology, engineering, and math. We share a belief that these STEM fields are the building blocks for young minds and the drivers of human ingenuity and aspiration. These disciplines are also the fuel for shared progress and economic growth around the world.

MadaKids kindergartens are important because they have proven that they help inspire and nurture children to consider a future as scientists, engineers, and innovators. The teaching approach at MadaKids kindergartens uses hands-on, problem-based learning. This approach helps foster a child’s critical thinking skills bolsters his or her scientific vocabulary and promotes positive attitudes toward the STEM fields.

That is why I am thrilled to announce the expansion of Lockheed Martin’s commitment to the next generation of Israel’s bold and enterprising thinkers.

Lockheed Martin heard from the MadaKids graduates and families that they wanted to see the program continued after kindergarten.

So we took action.

We have decided to increase our support of the Rashi Foundation to initiate two new graduate programs in Be’er Sheva and here in Kiryat Malachi. This support will help extend the Mada-Kids curriculum for students after they’ve completed the kindergarten by providing funding for more teachers to staff STEM events, more equipment for experiments, and more field trips so students can gain real-world experiences.

Lockheed Martin is proud of our partnerships with Israel on so many fronts. We are especially grateful to share the optimism and high ideals of so many Israeli leaders from government, industry, and philanthropy who are working to make a difference in education.

Together, we are shaping the world in a positive way, as we invest in the lives and potential of these little ones. 

Lockheed Martin is proud to stand with you in this endeavor, and we look forward to cooperation and collaboration for decades to come.

Thank you.

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