2017 HENAAC Awards

2017 HENAAC Awards
October 10, 2017

Good evening.

It is a privilege to join you for the 29th annual HENAAC Awards.

Lockheed Martin is proud to be a founding sponsor of HENAAC and a long-time partner of Great Minds in STEM. This event is one of the highlights of the year.

When you live and work in a busy, bright city, it can be hard to see more than a smattering of stars at night. It’s not until you travel miles away that you can look up and truly appreciate the brilliance of the night sky.

HENAAC has the same effect.

It gives us a chance to step away from our labs, conference rooms, and classrooms and really look at the amazing advances in science, technology, engineering, and math. When you stop to take in all the energy, ideas, and dedication at this conference, it is impossible to feel anything but optimism.

Tonight, we celebrate the men and women who are among the brightest stars in their fields and industries. They are pioneers and role models. They are living proof that destiny is, in fact, driven by determination.

Their example is critically important.

As we look ahead to the challenges of the 21st century, our nation will need a new generation of scientists, engineers, and technologists with 21st century skills. 

They won’t come out of thin air.

All of us, whether we are working in grade schools or universities, nonprofits, or industry, must reach out and lift up others. We must see the potential in every young boy and girl. And then we must encourage them, mentor them, and inspire them at every stage so that they are more than equal to the challenges that lie ahead.

It is our determination to do this that will drive our country’s destiny.

On behalf of the 97,000 men and women of Lockheed Martin, congratulations to this year’s HENAAC Award winners.

We are proud of your achievements within the scientific and technical community, and your contributions to our society and great nation.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the program.


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