Business Roundtable Sustainability Challenge Video

Business Roundtable Sustainability Challenge Video
January 18, 2019

Hello. My name is Marillyn Hewson. I’m Chairman, President, and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation and I am delighted to take part in the Business Roundtable’s “Sustainability Challenge.”

At Lockheed Martin, our focus on sustainability shapes, our planning, our investing, and our business practices. 

We believe that sustainability means more than protecting the environment. It means strengthening communities and driving responsible growth.

One of the most important ways we foster sustainability is by providing advanced technologies that solve a wide-range of real-world problems.

In Space, for example, we have designed innovative satellites that predict extreme weather patterns, saving lives and also providing new insights on climate.

In the sky, we are taking proven technologies like the C-130J Super Hercules, our multi-mission transport aircraft, and adapting it to support first responders fighting wildfires and helping ensure humanitarian aid gets to wherever it is needed.

In the energy sector, our GridStar energy-storage system is easing stress on our nation’s electric grids, lowering utility bills, and reducing the frequency of power outages.

These are just a few examples showing how far Lockheed Martin’s sustainability efforts reach and how we use our people, investments, and processes to build a better world.

Now, I’d like to challenge Keith Block to share how his team at Salesforce is embracing sustainability.

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