Spike NLOS

Spike NLOS is a multi-purpose, electro-optical/infrared missile system. Its advanced rocket motor provides capability to reach ranges up to 32 kilometers. Operators can integrate Spike NLOS with ground, aviation or maritime platforms – while leveraging its stand-off capability to strike distant or geographically concealed targets without line-of-sight.

The weapon’s seeker and wireless datalink provides operators with real-time video imagery and man-in-the-loop control throughout the missile’s flight. This provides operators with the opportunity to alter or abort the mission while en route to the target.

Lockheed Martin has teamed with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. to offer the weapon system to U.S. customers. Today, this combat-proven, long-range precision strike system is in service with U.S. forces and six international countries.

In 2020, Lockheed Martin's Spike NLOS was selected as the U.S Army's Interim-Long Range Precision Munition.

A common all-up round is consistent across all platforms.

Spike NLOS is capable of integration with multiple ground, aviation and maritime platforms. 

Spike NLOS is delivered as a 'wooden roound' enabling long shelf life, low maintenance, and low life-cycle cost.

Man-in-the-loop control provides near all-weather capability, moving target strike and mission retargeting, among other benefits