A-Size Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Lockheed Martin has been developing and building small A-size (4 7/8-inch diameter, 36-inch length) autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for over 35 years. The A-size form factor has been, and will continue to be extremely utilitarian, as it dramatically increases the number of potential deployment mechanisms available to the end-user beyond simple hand-delivery. As the size is identical to standard sonobuoy devices, vehicles can be launched from standard sonobuoy launchers onboard a wide array of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft as well as submarines and surface vessels. 


MK 39 Expendable Mobile ASW Training Target and Field Programmability System


A small, dynamic submarine-like target

Developed as a low cost, expendable, open ocean training target, EMATT allows combined training of submarine, aircraft, & ship crews in search, detection & tracking of submarines. It’s “A-size” sonobuoy shape means the target can be launched from surface ships or fixed and rotary winged aircraft. EMATT offers advanced ASW training capability with minimal maintenance, training, and logistics to operate and its expendability allows exercises to occur in littoral or blue waters, day or night, and in high or low sea-states.


Submarine Mobile Acoustic Training Target and Field Programmability System

The SUBMATT AAT has maintained our ASW training target’s tradition of being low cost and flexible while installing a state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor (DSP). This upgrade provides improved dynamic and acoustic realism to ensure a crew is continuously challenged and properly trained. The SUBMATT AAT is capable of storing twelve (12) Run Position Switches (RPS) in the target which can be programmed at the LM-Marion factory or created by the user via the PTP. Each RPS can contain up to forty (40) acoustic, depth and/or heading changes. The SUBMATT AAT allows for the user to set the headings in 1 degree increments between 00-3590 and depth in 1 meter (m) increments between 10m to 183m. These features along with the programmable variable speed (3-8 knots) allows the target to operate with more “Submarine-like” movements similar to that of a slow or fast moving target.
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The Economic Contribution of Lockheed Martin to Australia
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