VCSi is the next generation product in the VCS family.

Built upon our extensive experience, VCSi brings modular and extensible control to your system. VCSi is made in Canada, commercially available, and is not subject to U.S. ITAR export regulations. Its modular design, developer-friendly application programming interface (API), and plug-in architecture enable you to easily customize the functionality for your unique requirements. Leverage our wealth of experience and uncrew your future with VCSi.

Modular, Extensible, Scalable

The modular design of VCSi allows you to assemble the capability that you require, while only purchasing the components you need.
VCSi is extensible through a robust plug-in architecture and detailed Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing you to include custom capabilities specific to your needs.
The dockable panels make it easy for you to customize, organize, and save layouts.  This enables VCSi to run effectively on a laptop or expand across several monitors.

Robust Plug-in Architecture

Every VCSi license includes a detailed and thorough Software Development Kit (SDK) for plug-in development. This descriptive SDK walks you through VCSi’s API and plug-in architecture, making it easy to integrate your unique capabilities or to leverage local content.
Alternatively, work with us to add your unique capabilities to VCSi through contracted plug-in development.

Standards Based

  • VCSi supports:
    - STANAG 4586 for UAV Interoperability
    - STANAG 4609 KLV metadata
    - RTP and UDP video feeds
  • Vehicle Specific Modules are available for MicroPilot®, Kestrel®, and Piccolo™ autopilots


Airspace Awareness Module

The Airspace Awareness module brings real-time and immersive information into VCSi to ensure safety of flight. This module includes:
  • A Heads-Up 3D view with terrain avoidance information, optionally overlaying video from the vehicle’s nose camera.
  • Display of real-time ADS-B information on the 3D map
  • Look ahead calculations and highlighting on surrounding terrain to ensure your vehicle always operates at a safe altitude


Camera Control Module

  • This module connects VCSi to a STANAG 4586 compatible electro-optical / infrared (EO/IR) sensor and Includes video display, tactical marking, and camera control
  • The Camera Control module provides enhanced situational awareness to you through innovative features such as augmented reality combing video feed and the 3D map as well as real-time 3D mapping


Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Module

  • The UTM module integrates airspace data (including weather, obstacles, and other information) from national sources into VCSi.
  • This module is under development, and available soon


Digital Aeronautical Information Module

  • The Digital Aeronautical Information module consolidates international Digital Aeronautical Flight Information Files (DAFIF) that include information about airports, airways, airspaces, and navigation into a unified view within VCSi.
  • This module is under development, and available soon
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