Cyber Training and Mission Rehearsal

On the battlefield, soldiers must train like they fight in order to be successful. Cyber soldiers fighting in the fifth domain are no different.

At Lockheed Martin, we’re committed to training cyber warriors from the schoolhouse all the way through mission rehearsal, advancing their mission success in today’s cyber contested environments. Through our work with the United States military services and the intelligence community, and our support of test Resource Management Center’s National Cyber Range (NCR), we have gained an understanding of their missions, how to defend networks, offensive cyber operations (OCO), defensive cyber operations (DCO), and how to create resilient platforms.

Cyber Training

We provide cyber training users, including multiple combatant commands, operationally representative environments with the fidelity necessary to support practice and certification events for cyber mission forces. Customer feedback tells us our provided capabilities have been essential to training their cyber mission teams. 


Hardware-in-the-loop minimizes "whitecarding" and provides trainees a maximum-realism experience
Traffic Generation

Traffic Generation

Sophisticated traffic generation actuates real applications, providing 100% accurate network traffic and goal-oriented, observable emulated user behavior
Realistic Scenarios

Realistic Scenarios

Functional replicas of popular internet services provide terrain for full-spectrum Title 10 and Title 50 scenarios


Repeatability with hardware-level checkpoint/restore enables replay of scenarios to evaluate multiple COA or to refine TTP
Realistic Environments

Realistic Environments

On-demand, low-cost evolution of environments to model salient real-world environments

Cyber Mission Rehearsal

As the Cyber Mission Forces were stood up, it became clear they needed realistic training environments that could mimic the diversity and complexity of the real-world internet environment. The NCR has been utilized to meet that need at a cost that made rapid, effective training a reality. We offer rapid instantiation of red, blue, and gray environments to support quick-turn OCO and DCO mission rehearsal timelines.

Mission Rehearsal Offerings

  • Theater and domain-specific notional targets or specifically-identified targets allow for the best possible rehearsal regardless of intelligence accuracy
  • Hardware-in-the-loop targets ensure accurate characterization of the performance of environmentally-sensitive target effects
  • Focus on extreme fidelity and accuracy of environment implementation minimizes deviation of mission progression from rehearsed plan
  • Advanced traffic generation provides dynamic environments to subject operators to the full spectrum of environment variability prior to mission execution
  • Full-spectrum capabilities supporting Title 10 and Title 50 authorities
  • Flexible checkpoint/restore enables evaluation of operational contingencies
  • Environment evolution based on updated intelligence and understanding of mission parameters and constraints
Cyber ranges like the National Cyber Range enable Cyber Mission Forces to practice their tactics, techniques, and procedures in a safe, secure, and instrumented environment. Most importantly, cyber ranges enable Cyber Mission Forces the freedom to make mistakes that, if made in the real world, could cause severe political, economic, or humanitarian impacts.
Patrick Lardieri
Technical Director, National Cyber Range Program

Proven Experience

Capture the Flag

When you mix learning with a little fun, realistic challenges and real-time feedback, you can get a better grasp of complex concepts. In the cyber domain, one way we do this is through Capture the Flag (CTF) exercises, which are proven ways to train cyber warfighters in an effective and affordable manner.

Try it for yourself! 

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