DIAMONDShield Integrated Air & Missile Defense

DIAMONDShield Integrated Air & Missile Defense

Next-Generation DIAMONDShield System Connects Air, Ground & Maritime Assets

The increasingly complex national and multi-national requirements for integrated air and missile defense requires a solution that deliver new levels of performance to address evolving threats. By linking disparate platforms and systems operating across air, land, sea and space, DIAMONDShield provides a layered, cross domain view of the battlespace.  

At the core of the product, is a modern service oriented architecture, enabling sensors-to-shooters integration and interoperability the widest range of tactical communications, sensors, weapons and existing legacy systems. DIAMONDShield’s open architecture minimizes the system’s total cost of ownership and ensures today’s investments can be extended to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Visualization is presented in as set of user-optimized graphical displays with selectable features in 2D, 3D, and 4D. The interoperability enabled by DIAMONDShield ensures seamless C4ISR operations across services and coalition operations.

Hosting a suite of capabilities that enables warfighters to manage a continuous command and control cycle, operating at the speed of the battlespace, the system provides operators a wide range of intuitive decision-support aids that allows them to plan and execute air defense missions with greater speed, higher confidence and reduced ownership costs. With a single click, the automation incorporated into DIAMONDShield allows customers to predict and assess enemy intent, make rapid tactical decisions and send engagement tasks to assets in theater. The system can receive from any external source using standards such as the Link 16 or Link 11 protocols — from aircraft to missile defense systems, to radar and air traffic control systems —  correlating the data into a comprehensive, bird’s eye visualization of the battlespace.

In developing DIAMONDShield, Lockheed Martin leveraged years of expertise gained through the development of systems such as the Command, Control, Battle Management & Communications system, which integrates multiple ballistic missile defensive weapons systems, the Theatre Battle Management Core System that is the program of record for all USAF AOC mission planning, and the Integrated Space Command & Control system that fuses data from several U.S. Air Force air, missile and space command and control systems.

DIAMONDShield System Features:

  • Integrated air & missile defense product suite enables the entire command & control cycle, giving operators the groundbreaking ability to strategize, target, plan, task, execute, and assess joint operations all with seamless integration of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data.
  • Open systems architecture allows new platforms, systems and data to be rapidly integrated – increasing the ability to make the best decision when it matters most. DIAMONDShield is already integrated with numerous real-world platforms, systems and data sources and provides an unprecedented ability to interoperate in cooperative environments.
  • Artificial intelligence capabilities automatically develop and analyze mission plans. Orders that today take large teams hours to develop can be built by one operator in mere minutes using DIAMONDShield’s advanced algorithms.
  • Automation tools streamline the air & missile defense planning and tasking process and automatically generate briefings and documentation from the joint, integrated database.

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