Digital Instrumented Ranges (DIR)


Digital Instrumented Ranges

The Digital Instrumented Ranges (DIR) provides an immersive training environment for all vehicle crews. Training includes Abrams, Bradley and Stryker operations and dismount integration.

During training exercises, DIR provides realistic threat, neutral and friendly simulations. Soldiers’ decisions and movements are captured through audio, video and digital technologies. The system analyzes the exercise and develops an interactive after-action-review with a single click.

DIR integrates gunnery and tactical systems for individual and crew qualification and platoon-level collective training. The system also integrates Apache live fire for air-to-ground training scenarios.

Lockheed Martin designed DIR to be flexible, building upon the Army’s Live Training Transformation standard.

DIR Ranges Include



Range operations centers, after-action-review theaters and battle position facades, including buildings and trenches


Digital interface, cameras, data recording equipment and targetry systems with audiovisual effects


Scenario development, system control, exercise control and after-action-review production
Rooted in Affordability

Rooted in Affordability

Affordability is built into every aspect of the DIR program. System components such as improved field cameras reduce maintenance support while added functional capabilities like the single-click after-action review, improved diagnostics and fault isolation tools simplify system operations


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