A Legacy of Innovation

The Royal Air Force and Royal Navy plan to operate 138 F-35B short takeoff/vertical landing aircraft. Their training will take place at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina, where British pilots and maintainers will be embedded with the U.S. Marine Corps and their fleet of F-35Bs. With eight aircraft currently in country at RAF Marham, the UK's fleet of advanced fighters continues to grow. 

Program Stats

  • Aircraft Variant: F-35B
  • Program of Record: 138 Aircraft
  • Aircraft Delivered: 17
  • Flight Hours: 4,900+
  • Pilots Trained: 150
  • Maintainers Training: ~40

Economic Impact

  • Suppliers: 500+
  • Contract Value: $13.5 Billion
  • Jobs Supported: 20,000 
  • Value: 15% of the value of the 3,000+ jets planned will be built in the UK

Base Locations

  • Royal Air Force Base Marham

Program Milestones 

  • 2012: UK's first F-35 delivered from Fort Worth, TX
  • 2014: F-35 pilot completes first UK vertical landing 
  • 2016: F-35 makes Europe/UK debut at RIAT & Farnborough 
  • 2018: F-35s arrive for permanent basing at RAF Marham
  • 2018: F-35 takes center stage at RAF 100 celebration 
  • 2018: UK completes weapons flight testing 
  • 2018: UK flexes carrier strike sea legs aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth 
  • 2018: UK MoD delcates F-35 land IOC