Hardened Security for Intel Processors

Lockheed Martin Hardened Security for Intel processors is a virtualized platform that offers a full security run-time solution, which isolates and protects customer domains.

Our Story

The Lockheed Martin Intel Cyber Secure Processing Collaboration was started to respond to the intensifying scope and force of cyber-attacks. Combining decades of Intel’s hardware experience and processor capabilities with Lockheed Martin’s global security expertise, this partnership has led to first-of-their-kind solutions that deliver a new level of protection against physical, cyber and supply-chain threats using enhanced security and performance features.  


Protecting High-Value Data Through a Hardened Full-Stack Security Solution

Advanced Enterprise Security

Protect your most valued resources through an integrated, hardened, full-stack security solution that helps ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability for high-value data

Boot Protections

Lockheed Martin’s Hardened Security solution provides a chain of trust to verify and maintain system integrity from power-on through the launching of your most critical applications at runtime

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

More consistent and deterministic performance with isolated virtual machines through the segmentation and ideal allocation of compute resources. QoS for consistent performance through partitioning and isolation, in addition to delivering trusted virtual machines with protected runtimes

Predictive Workload Determinism

Lockheed Martin’s Hardened Security is a fully predictable solution that is a repeatable, low jitter discriminator for time-critical processing.

Runtime Security

User controls and security choices isolate and protect virtualized workloads. Provides isolation with integrity and confidentiality of shared resources including cores, cache, memory and devices.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Lockheed Martin’s Hardened Security solution is tested and verified by Intel to optimize price and performance and reduce infrastructure total cost of ownership and evaluation time.

Case Studies

Protecting High-Value Data Through a Hardened Full-Stack Security Solution

Testing the HPE and Intel Secure Runtime Environment (SRE) Solution

Create a Zero Trust environment using Hardened Security attribute-based controls


We provide a trusted foundation for computing and raise the bar for data sensitive enterprises.

  • Partitioning and isolation of shared resources, including cache, cores, memory and devices in the virtualized environment.
  • Cryptographic ID support of attestation and encrypted communication, including in-line memory encryption.
  • Isolation techniques to create more runtime security domains within a trusted virtualization environment.
  • Hardware-enforced firewalling to separate sensitive data from untrusted workloads and provide more deterministic workload performance for multi-core Intel processors.
  • Resistance to unauthorized modifications with advanced security controls to manage virtual machines within a trusted virtualization environment
  • Hardware encrypted memory protection.


See Hardened Security for Intel Processors in action.

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