A multi-mission, multi-target capability with precision-strike accuracy, allowing for maximum operational flexibility.


U.S. Army Awards Multiple-Year $439M JAGM, HELLFIRE Production Contract

The U.S. Army awarded Lockheed Martin a multiple-year production contract for Joint-Air-to-Ground Missiles (JAGM) and HELLFIRE missiles with a Program Year 1 (PY1) award total value of $439 million. Because it’s a multiple-year award, the contract offers three additional follow-on awards starting in late 2023, allowing for a total contract value of up to $4.5 billion over the next four years.

With a wide-area engagement zone, HELLFIRE is multipurpose missile capable of defeating a broad target set.

Expanded Target Missile
Multipurpose warhead enables the missile to defeat a broad range of targets
Trajectory shaping optimizes lethality performance against a variety of target types
Automatic Target Reacquisition
Automatic target reacquisition after loss of track in low clouds
Lock on Before Launch
Lock-on before launch (LOBL) or lock-on after launch (LOAL) for increased platform survivability
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Lockheed Martin's DAGR And HELLFIRE II Missiles Score Direct Hits During Ground-Vehicle Launch Tests
Lockheed Martin successfully fired HELLFIRE and DAGR missiles from its LRSAV turreted weapon system during recent ground-to-ground tests.
Multipurpose HELLFIRE II 'Romeo' Strikes Target, Completes Proof-of-Principle Flight Tests
The U.S. Army's Joint Attack Munition Systems (JAMS) Project Office and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) successfully fired a multipurpose AGM114R HELLFIRE II "Romeo" missile with a live warhead and penetrated a brick-over-block target in its sixth proof-of-principle (POP) test. 
First Live Warhead Flight for Lockheed Martin's Multi-Purpose Hellfire II Missile
Lockheed Martin's multi-purpose AGM114R HELLFIRE II missile scored another success in its second proof-of-principle (POP) flight test, the first armed with a live warhead.
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