Innovation Demonstration Center (IDC)

Simulation Saves Money. Training Saves Lives.

Lockheed Martin’s Innovation Demonstration Center (IDC) showcases advanced simulation technologies highlighting air, ground and next generation training and logistics capabilities. 

Located in Orlando, Florida which is recognized as the “Center of Excellence for Simulation," the 20,000 square-foot IDC resides within Lockheed Martin’s Training and Logistics Solutions facility. The IDC immersive environment depicts our approach to matching technologies to training and logistical objectives through a Family of Training Systems architecture. The IDC presents an interactive forum showcasing innovative training and logistics solutions for our customers, industry stakeholders and community partners. Visitors to the IDC receive firsthand experience with a variety of our training, simulation and sustainment capabilities.


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Live Training


Utilizing real people operating real equipment, Lockheed Martin’s live training capabilities deliver maximum endurance and effectiveness while offering realistic, reliable and reconfigurable training. Collaborating with customers results in innovative capabilities that keep training affordable while accelerating mission readiness.


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Virtual Training


From desktop trainers to full mission simulators and everything in between, Lockheed Martin offers scalable, affordable options to support customer requirements for accessible training systems. Where familiarization, procedural and/ or operational training proficiencies are required, the right training devices can deliver the needed fidelity.
Constructive   ___


Constructive Training


Lockheed Martin’s constructive training solutions prepare commanders and their staffs to hone strategic decision-making skills before entering the operational environment. Operators deploy simulated forces, driving scenario outcomes that affirm innovative, constructive training to prepare personnel for the hybrid threats of tomorrow.
Integrated LVC   ___


Integrated LVC Training


As platforms mature in capability, Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training is essential for mission readiness and operational agility. Across air, ground and sea domains, Lockheed Martin helps customers maintain their tactical edge, while leveraging simulation for affordability. LVC is the future of flexible, robust and realistic training, engineering and manufacturing technologies. To ensure precise and efficient assembly, the concurrent production of all three variants is steadily moving toward full-rate production.


F-35 Experience   ___


F-35 Experience


Modeled after a flying squadron, the F-35 Experience immerses visitors in what it is like to be a pilot in training, or a maintainer working on the most advanced fighter aircraft. Visitors can experience the F-35 Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS), support equipment, automated test equipment and the training system – all critical elements of the F-35 program, which is taking mission readiness to the next level.
Mission Readiness   ___


Accelerating Mission Readiness


In addition to serving as a demonstration and collaboration area with customers to discuss training and logistics challenges, the IDC is a venue to meet with industry and community partners and explore how to work together to advance mission readiness for militaries and commercial aviation pilots. The Center contains conference rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to maximize customer engagement.
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