IRST21 Sensor Systems

IRST21 Sensor System

IRST21 Sensor System


IRST21 is the next generation of Lockheed Martin’s legacy IRST sensor system, which accumulated over 300,000 flight hours on F-14 and international F-15 platforms. As a passive, long-range sensor system, IRST21 uses infrared search and track technology to detect and track airborne threats with weapon-quality accuracy, increasing pilot reaction time and improving survivability.

A compact design enables IRST21 to be integrated in a variety of ways. On the F/A-18E/F, IRST21 is mounted on the nose section of the centerline fuel tank. A podded sensor system with IRST21 is also in development and will be transportable across a wide range of platforms including the F-15C and F-16.




IRST21 is a trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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