Managing Assets in Space

Space is an important and valuable domain that has changed from a safe environment to one that is congested and threatened. A growing number of satellite system owners and operators need new capabilities to protect their assets and manage their interests in Space. Lockheed Martin’s iSpace™ software addresses this need by providing command and control and battle management capabilities for customers in all arenas - defense, international, commercial, and civil  - that operate in the space domain.

Making Sense of the Data

iSpace™ gleans data from a worldwide commercial, and scientific community space surveillance network. This software suite tasks and processes data from optical, radar, and radio sensors, then provides information to users about what is happening and what to do about it.

The iSpace™ software tasks, processes, and correlates data from a worldwide network of government, commercial, and scientific community sensors and command centers. After gleaning information from optical, radar, infrared, and radio sensors, iSpace™ automatically provides information to users about what is happening in real-time to enable the best course of action. Its advanced analytics and fusion capabilities enable proactive management of space events such as collisions, maneuvers, break-ups, launches, and co-orbital threats. The iSpace™ architecture is net-centric, open, and scalable with an intuitive user display configurable to be rapidly integrated in many environments for modeling and simulation, experimentation, or operational use.


Knowing the Domain

Lockheed Martin has a rich legacy advancing space situational awareness and battle management through integrated command and control. In developing iSpace™, Lockheed Martin leveraged its decades of expertise obtained from supporting enterprise level systems of systems that connect sensor and platforms across domains. 
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German Space Agency Selects Lockheed Martin iSpace System for Space Situational Awareness
Apr 06, 2021
Press Release
iSpace offers real-time space object tracking, space event processing and sensor tasking from a variety of sensors worldwide
German Space Agency To Use Lockheed Martin Tool to Track Space Debris
Apr 12, 2021
Third Party Article
Germany will use Lockheed Martin’s space situational awareness software to track objects in space, the company announced.
Germany’s Space Agency Selects Lockheed Martin’s Traffic Management Software
Apr 07, 2021
Third Party Article
Lockheed Martin’s space traffic management software will be used by Germany’s space agency, the company announced April 6.
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