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Successful JAGM-MR Guided Flight Test Demonstrates Tri-Mode Seeker, Multiple Target Discrimination

Lockheed Martin successfully conducted a JAGM-MR guided flight test on Dec. 2, 2023, at China Lake Test Range in California. The successful flight test demonstrated JAGM-MR’s tri-mode seeker and its ability to aid the missile to successfully discriminate between multiple targets.

Protection for a wide range of missions and allows our customers to be ahead of ready

Rate of Fire
Fire-and-forget capability increases user survivability and supports rapid-fire attacks on multiple targets
SAL Sensor
SAL sensor provides pinpoint accuracy
Expanded Weather
MMW sensor enhances accuracy in all-weather situations against moving targets
Modular Design
A modular design that supports affordability, rapid product upgradability and future cost-savings efforts


JAGM is the next-generation product to replace both HELLFIRE and LONGBOW missile options, providing the capabilities of both predecessor missile families into one weapon system.

JAGM Variants   ___
Extends the missile’s range from 8 km to 16 km and includes a third seeker mode
Capable of eject-launch employment on all high-performance fourth- and fifth-generation fighter
JAGM Vertical Launch
Integrates the JAGM family of missiles to vehicles and surface ships using designs and technologies from the MK 41 VLS and M299 Launcher
Stay Informed: The Latest News on JAGM   ___
U.S. Army Awards Multiple-Year $439M JAGM, HELLFIRE Production Contract
The U.S. Army awarded Lockheed Martin a multiple-year production contract for Joint-Air-to-Ground Missiles (JAGM) and HELLFIRE missiles.
JAGM-MR: The Future of JAGM
With Lockheed Martin’s focus on 21st century security and helping our customers stay ahead of ready, it is important that we develop and deliver mission-focused defense capabilities by innovating with agility, urgency and affordability as we continue to build upon and strengthen our core product lines.
Lockheed Martin’s Joint-Air-To-Ground Missile (JAGM) Cleared for Full Rate Production
Continuing the legacy of superior precision engagement performance, Lockheed Martin’s Joint-Air-to-Ground Missile is ready for full rate production.
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