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What is Legion Pod?

Legion Pod is a multi-function sensor system that supports collaborative targeting operations in radar-denied environments. Flexible by design and production-ready, Legion Pod is set to serve as the next sensor system of choice for fixed-wing aircraft.

Legion Pod 1
Housed in a 16-inch diameter structure, Legion Pod’s baseline configuration includes an IRST21 sensor and advanced processor for high-fidelity detection and tracking of air-to-air targets.
Legion Pod 2
Designed for flexibility, Legion Pod accommodates additional sensors within its current structure, acting as a  simultaneous sensor suite without costly aircraft or system modifications.
Legion Pod 3
Legion Pod has completed integration and flight tests on F-16 and F-15C aircraft, successfully demonstrating its detection and tracking capabilities in representative threat environments.

Plug-And-Play Interface

Pod 1
Legion Pod has a common interface, meaning it’s easily integrated onto any aircraft without affecting that aircraft’s operational flight program.

Sensor Payloads

Pod 2
Due to its open architecture, Legion Pod can accommodate and operate multiple sensors simultaneously, depending on a customer’s requirements.

Production Ready

Pod 3
Legion Pod’s critical technology is produced at Lockheed Martin’s U.S. facilities. Existing depots and repair equipment also enable significant savings in life cycle costs and support.

Video: See Legion Pod in Action


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