LM-100J FireHerc

Fire is a formidable enemy.

Fire isn’t easily intimidated and has no reason to relent. It arrives without warning, expanding rapidly in size and scope. It endangers anyone and anything in its path. It destroys lives and landscapes with equal force. Its presence remains long after its flames are extinguished.

Successfully defeating fire requires an asset that is agile enough to operate in compromised conditions, but proven enough to withstand the heat. Frontline responders need a resource that is ready and reliable — poised to fight anywhere, at any time, in any condition.

There is only one aerial tanker that can meet all these requirements and more: the LM-100J FireHerc. This newest member of the C-130J Hercules family combines more than four decades worth of firefighting experience with unmatched performance, proven with millions of flight hours.

The FireHerc brings the Super Hercules’ established performance advantages to firefighting. The FireHerc’s rugged design allows it to excel in supporting the low-level, low-speed firefighting mission profile like no other large air tanker in operation. Advanced flight deck avionics provide enhanced situational awareness and improved safety features to protect and guide flight crews through comprised flight conditions.

The FireHerc also offers a path forward to deploying integrated technology to support night firefighting, allowing responders to combat fires on an unprecedented 24/7 cycle — providing an unmatched advantage against nature.

Proven performance. Known capabilities. Optimized design. Integrated technology. Unmatched versatility.

LM-100J. Redefining the fight.

Redefining the Fight
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