LM WISDOM®  is a predictive analytics and big data technology tool that monitors and analyzes rapidly changing open source intelligence data (newspaper feeds and social media content for example). This type of content has the power to incite organized movements, riots and sway political outcomes. LM WISDOM® turns this data into actionable intelligence for our customers.

Wisdom is your eyes and ears on the web. Wisdom’s high performance analytic algorithms analyze the content in near-real time, distinguishing noise from high value information. It captures cultural context, trends, sentiment and influence, giving our customers deeper situational awareness.

Lockheed Martin also offers an all-inclusive intelligence service called LM Alpha Intelligence Services which integrates intelligence solutions including LM Wisdom.

LM WISDOM® helps our customers meet their mission demands quicker. Rather than the customer doing 80% of their time collection and 20% analytics, we’ve flipped that paradigm.
Mike Baylor
LM Wisdom project manager
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