Multiple Launch Rocket System (M270)

The MLRS is a highly mobile automatic system that fires surface-to-surface rockets from the M270 family of launcher weapons platforms. The MLRS Family of Munitions (MLRS MFOM) can be fired in less than one minute by the three-man crew, which was demonstrated very successfully in Operation Desert Storm.

The MLRS MFOM that can be fired from M270 systems include 12 Guided MLRS (GMLRS) or Extended Range (ER) GMLRS rockets, 4 Precision Strike Missiles (PrSM) or two Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS).

Lockheed Martin is under contract to recapitalize more than 50 of the U.S. Army’s M270 launchers. Lockheed Martin, in partnership with the Red River Army Depot, will overhaul and upgrade the M270s as “zero-time” launchers. Upgrades will completely refurbish launchers to include the following:

  • New engines
  • New Improved Armored Cabs (IAC)
  • New Common Fire Control System (CFCS)
  • Upgraded and rebuilt transmissions
  • Improved system components

The U.S. Army's MLRS recapitalization effort will eventually upgrade its existing fleet of 225 MLRS M270A1 launchers and 160 decommissioned M270A0's slated for de-militarization, to M270A2s.

MLRS is a registered trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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