Meteorological Instrumentation

For more than 60 years Lockheed Martin and our legacy companies have designed and manufactured radiosonde equipment for customers throughout the world. Meteorological organizations, research institutions and military agencies use advanced Lockheed Martin radiosonde products to obtain high resolution, high accuracy atmospheric profiles from the surface to altitudes in excess of 30 kilometers. To date approximately six (6) million radiosondes have been provided to users around the globe.





The LMS6 Radiosonde is the latest radiosonde model developed by Lockheed Martin, designed to meet the most demanding operational requirements.  Utilizing current GPS receivers and sophisticated temperature and humidity sensing technology and processing, the LMS6 Radiosonde provides optimized meteorological, wind, and position data as the balloon ascends through the atmosphere.  Precision factory calibration of the radiosonde sensors eliminates the time and expense of preflight baseline checks, and lithium battery power simplifies radiosonde preparation and guarantees extended product shelf life.  ETSI-compliant radiosonde transmitters, combined with digital error correction techniques, ensure high data availability throughout the flight.

LMS6 Radiosondes are available in a variety of configurations to meet wide-ranging user requirements:

  • 403 or 1680 MHz (nominal) transmitter frequency
  • Variable transmitter output power (for sites flying multiple radiosondes simultaneously)
  • High resolution (no temperature or humidity sensors) for precision wind and position data only, for use with jimspheres or stabilized balloons
  • ECC-Type Ozonesonde compatible design
  • Spare channel access, for coupling to external analog sensors
  • Multithermistor, for reference-grade temperature measurements 

Ground Receiving Systems


Ground Receiving Systems


The LMG6 Radiosonde Ground System is used with the LMS6 Radiosonde to provide synoptic, research, and military users with cost-effective and flexible upper air profiling capability.  LMG6 Systems can be configured to meet requirements for fixed or mobile applications.

The system consists of the following components:

  • 403 MHz LMG6 rack (differential or non-differential GPS)
  • 403 MHz antenna systems
  • GPS antenna systems

The Lockheed Martin Win9000 Software runs on standard desktop or laptop computers under current WINDOWS operating systems.  Together, the LMG6 System, Win9000 Software and LMS6 Radiosondes provide a total radiosounding solution for a wide range of operational requirements.

Found a Radiosonde?

There’s no need to be concerned if you find a radiosonde. The instrument is not dangerous or harmful.

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