Mission Readiness Test Set

Universal Mission-ready Tester for Paveway™ II LGBs and Dual Mode Guidance Kits

Mission Readiness Test Set (MRTS)

Lightweight, Easy to Set Up and Use

The Lockheed Martin Mission Readiness Test Set (MRTS) provides laser functional mission readiness testing (Go/No-Go) for all Paveway II Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) Computer Control Group guidance assemblies; and for the Paragon™ direct attack munition and Dual Mode LGB Weapon Guidance Units. Lightweight and easy to set up and use, MRTS is an affordable, standalone, Windows®-based man-portable tester.

MRTS provides Go/No-Go mission readiness test coverage for nine unique functions.

Self-test ● Code Correlation/Missing Pulse Logic ● Inter Pulse Stability ● Long and Short Last Pulse Logic ● Pulse Width Discrimination ● Squib Fire Delay ● Steering/Tracking Accuracy ● Voltage/Continuity ● Multi/Dual Laser

Weight:  <60 lb / <27.2 kg

Dimensions:  Height 16 in x Width 21 in x Length 31.5 in (41 cm x 53 cm x 80 cm)

MRTS is upgradeable for Smart Munitions testing (MIL-STD-1553/1760), supports O-, I- and D-level maintenance activities and replaces TTU-594A/E. It is an affordable alternative to TTU-595 test sets.   


The Mission Readiness Test Set comes in a lightweight, man-portable rolling case.
The Mission Readiness Test Set performs 9 tests in approximately 1 minute.

PAVEWAY is a registered trademark of a third party in the EU and several other countries and is used by Lockheed Martin Corporation under license.

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