Pilotage Distributed Aperture Sensor (PDAS)

Lockheed Martin’s PDAS is the first tactical installation of a multi-functional, embedded DAS for Army aviation. It delivers real-time, multi-spectral 360-degree imagery to multiple users via infrared sensors embedded around the aircraft. Warfighters in the cockpit and cabin or other aircraft can simultaneously and independently perform tasks ranging from pilotage and assessing threats ahead of an insertion to coordinating landing zone operations.

The open architecture processor (OAP) stitches sensor imagery into a seamless sphere and provides sensor fusion and threat detection. Sensor technology blends data from multiple sensors to restore the pilot’s situational awareness in degraded visual environments (DVEs) like fog and brownout.

Product Benefits   ___
Spherical Imagery

Generates complete spherical imagery using six simultaneously streaming sensors
360-degree sensor

Delivers 360-degree sensor imagery to multiple aircrew in real time
Army vertical lift platforms

Features components designed specifically for Army vertical lift platforms
Advantages of rotorcraft

Amplifies the advantages of rotorcraft by increasing survivability against peer and near-pear adversaries
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PDAS – The Future of Aircraft Survivability ™

PDAS Interactive Black Hawk

PDAS Big Safari Go-Pro

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Apr 15, 2019
Press Release
Lockheed Martin's (NYSE: LMT) Pilotage Distributed Aperture Sensor (PDAS) system took flight for the first time aboard the V-280 Valor, Bell Helicopter's next-generation tiltrotor aircraft.
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