Sikorsky Firehawk®

High winds, smoke, night skies.

FIREHAWK® – we fly when and where others can’t.

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Born a  Black Hawk, the  Firehawk® helicopter relies on its proven military design to endure the unrelenting physical stresses demanded of the aerial firefighting and utility missions.

The Firehawk platform takes on its unique mission set with the following modifications: a single pilot operated cockpit, a medically-configured interior, a 1,000-gallon belly water tank, extended landing gear and a rescue hoist.

In this configuration, the County of Los Angeles Fire Department has proven the operational performance of its Firehawk helicopters since 2000 to save untold lives and properties.

For 2018, the Firehawk platform will be based on Sikorsky’s S-70i helicopter variant, a third generation Black Hawk with increased engine power, speed, maneuverability, higher altitude operations and improved mission availability.

Multi-Role, Multi-Mission

Firefighter Transport

Firefighter Transport

Insert up to 11 wildland firefighters and their gear at the edge of the fire line.
Precision Water Drop

Precision Water Drop

Siphon, carry and release up to 8,000 pounds of water (1,000 gallons) in the aircraft’s belly tank. Drop water with high accuracy to dampen flames and help your ground firefighters advance.
Search And Rescue

Search And Rescue

Hoist residents to safety in a Stokes basket or rescue strop. Use the cargo hook to rescue livestock from otherwise inaccessible locations, such as remote canyons.
Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief

Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief

Carry 4,080 kg/9,000 lbs. of supplies as internal pallets or as an external sling load via the cargo hook.
Emergency Medical Transport

Emergency Medical Transport

Give critical first responder patient care in the medically equipped cabin.

"Time after time, I would put the aircraft through its paces in conditions that no one else in the world flies in, and the Firehawk would perform efficiently, effectively and most importantly, safely." ~ Sr. Pilot Tom Short

Firehawk®: When Minutes Matter

A Reliable Helicopter For Your Most Demanding Wildfire Threats

When courageous men and women put themselves at risk to save property, homes and lives, they require nothing but the best.  The Firehawk® provides just that – minimizing time spent in transport between water and fuel sources, and maximizing time spent at the fire. This aircraft’s game-changing capabilities push the boundaries of aerial firefighting and help operators ensure they bring people home – everywhere, every time.


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