Small Satellite Solar Arrays

Power Your Mission

Whether you're a commercial space company or a government customer, let us be your mission partner.

Lockheed Martin’s small satellite (smallsat) solar arrays are a high quality, TRL9 product available in multiple wing configurations. With power levels up to 2,000W and a cell layout configurable to any bus voltage, we can optimize the solar array for your mission in LEO, MEO, GEO or interplanetary orbits.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

automated production for speed

We use the latest, cutting-edge technology in our manufacturing practices:

  • Our additively manufactured substrate reduces costs and enables quicker delivery when compared to traditional composite substrates.

  • Our 93,000 sq. ft., world-class solar array facility uses an automated production line to increase speed and reduce touchpoints.

Performance and Experience

4-panel smallsat solar array

We will manufacture your smallsat solar arrays with efficiency, quality and unmatched expertise.  

  • Demonstrated performance in space (TRL 9) with 60 panels currently flying and over 700 more in production.

  • We have a dedicated team that specializes in the design and production of solar arrays.

  • We partner with you to design and manufacture small-class solar arrays that meet your mission requirements.

Let's discuss how this affordable solar array design can work for you.

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