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Environmental Testing Services

Lockheed Martin’s environmental testing services offer the facilities, expertise and efficiency you need — from small components to large systems. With thousands of components tested, we possess intimate knowledge of how to achieve virtually any testing needs. We’ll partner with you to expertly handle your flight hardware and equipment and ensure safe and accurate testing, including clean room capabilities.

Facilities Near You

Eases logistics and shipping costs with locations in Sunnyvale, CA and Littleton, CO

Accuracy & Efficiency

A seamless experience from beginning to end
Unmatched Expertise

Unmatched Expertise

With over 10,000 components tested, we possess expert testing knowledge

 Thermal Vacuum (TVAC) and Thermal Cycling Testing

TVAC and thermal cycling tests simulate the temperature changes and environmental conditions of space to determine whether or not spacecraft and its hardware can withstand extreme temperatures, vacuum conditions and other performance parameters. From thumbnail-sized capacitors to 24-foot diameter solar arrays, our state-of-the art facilities can accommodate virtually any size of test article.  
hermal vacuum chamber

Vibration, Shock and Acoustic Testing

These tests screen hardware for defects. They can also produce the shock or acoustic spectrums experienced during the launch and separation phases to evaluate the structural integrity of spacecraft, sub-assemblies and components. We use the latest equipment and have industry experts who can deliver efficient, quality testing that meets the most rigorous requirements.
vibration table

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