X-59 Supersonic Plane

We revealed the X-59 to the world on Jan. 12.

Quieting the Sonic Boom

In collaboration with NASA's Quesst Mission, the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® team is solving one of the most persistent challenges of supersonic flight – the sonic boom.

The X-59 will be used to collect community response data on the acceptability of a quiet sonic boom generated by the unique design of the aircraft. The data will help NASA provide regulators with the information needed to establish an acceptable commercial supersonic noise standard to lift the ban on commercial supersonic travel over land.

This breakthrough would open the door to an entirely new global market for aircraft manufacturers, enabling passengers to travel anywhere in the world in half the time it takes today. 

One Step Closer to First Flight: Revealing The X-59   ___
This video highlights the reveal event of the X-59 quiet supersonic jet. With NASA, we showed the world the first look of the future of commercial supersonic flight over land.

X-59 All The Time

Witness the journey of the X-59 from design to rollout through X-59 All The Time!

X-59 All The Time: Skunk Works® Selected

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X-59 All The Time: Digital Transformation Rapidly Advances X-59

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X-59 All The Time: It's COBRA Time

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X-59 All The Time: X-59 Present

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X-59 All The Time: Let's Flex

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X-59 All The Time: Powering The Future

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X-59 All the Time: X-Plane in 60 Seconds

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X-59 All The Time: Final Assembly

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X-59 in the News   ___
Mar 17, 2020
Right now the X-59 program team is hard at work, deploying the latest advanced manufacturing technologies to build the experimental airplane.
May 27, 2022
Third Party Article
NASA’s composites-intensive X-59 QueSST experimental aircraft is set for its first flight by the end of 2022, after nine years of design, manufacture, assembly and testing by Lockheed Martin Skunk Works.
Third Party Article
NASA said today it has reached a “significant milestone” in a project to create an ultra-quiet supersonic passenger jet. The space agency has completed a preliminary design review of its QueSST aircraft concept and found that it is capable of fulfilling objectives for what NASA calls “Low Boom Flight Demonstration,” which basically means it should be able to fly at supersonic speeds without that noisy sonic boom.
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