(a) SELLER shall comply with latest revision, as of the effective date of this Contract, for all specifications or other documents incorporated herein, unless a specific revision number is referenced.  If a specific revision number is referenced SELLER shall comply with the specified revision.  The requirements set forth in the databases, specification, or other documents herein are incorporated into this Contract by reference.

(b) The databases, specifications, and other documents incorporated herein are LOCKHEED MARTIN Proprietary Information and as such are protected in accordance with the Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA) executed between the parties.

(c) SELLER shall include the requirements of this ENGINEERING SPECIFICATION REQUIREMENTS (A83) in lower tier subcontracts for the delivery of items that will be included in or furnished as Work to LOCKHEED MARTIN.

(d) The following requirements are only applicable to LOCKHEED MARTIN designed parts.

(i) Engineering Materials and Approved Products (EMAP) (Applicable to all programs except F-16, F-2 and T-50)
Location: LOCKHEED MARTIN external web page: https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/suppliers/business-area-procurement/aeronautics/engineering/engineering-materials-approved-products-emap-design-support-database.html  "Engineering Materials & Approved Products (EMAP)."

(ii) Material and Process Specifications (Applicable to all programs)
Location: LOCKHEED MARTIN external web page:
 https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/suppliers/business-area-procurement/aeronautics/engineering/material-process-specifications-all-programs.html "Material & Process Specifications – All Programs."

(iii) Preferred Parts Handbook (PPH) - Volumes 1-5 (Applicable to the C-130, C-27, C-5, P-3, S-3 and F-22 programs)
Location: The Preferred Parts Handbook (PPH), Volumes 1-5, Document is not on-line and shall be obtained from the LOCKHEED MARTIN Procurement Representative.

(iv) Preferred Parts Handbook (PPH) - Volumes 6 is online and available as the Design Support Database (DSD) (Applicable to the C-130, LM100J, C-27, C-5, P-3, S-3, and F-22 programs).  The C-130, LM100J, C-27, C-5, P-3, and S-2 should use the C-130 information in DSD.  Location: LOCKHEED MARTIN external web page:
 https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/suppliers/business-area-procurement/aeronautics/engineering/engineering-design-support-database.html  "Engineering Design Support Database (DSD)."

(e) The following requirements are applicable to F-35 Standard Hardware or when the drawing specifies the following note:

"Approved sources for this part are listed in the F-35 Parts Classification and Management Database maintained by LOCKHEED MARTIN Aeronautics F-35 Components Engineering. Items procured to the standard from sources other than those listed in the F-35 Parts Classification and Management Database are considered non-compliant."

(f) Approved Manufacturer List for Standard Parts – Specification Document 2GNA00001 (Applicable to the F-35 program) Location: LOCKHEED MARTIN JDL: http://www.myexostar.com/Lockheed-Martin-Aeronautics/ under JSF Data Library (JDL). Search for 2GNA00001.

The latest copy is always in the Standard Part Drawings Released Data vault in the JDL (under the Released Data Vaults entry).

The approved manufacturers for parts for the F-35 Program are set forth in 2GNA00001. The approved manufacturers listed are approved only for the listed source or part number. The sources or manufacturer part numbers are approved only when made by the manufacturer listed on the drawing revision specified. Callout part numbers that do not appear in this list are not approved for use on the program and have no approved sources.