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Control Specs

The following documents may not contain an authorized release signature within the body of the document or on the cover. Please note: these documents are authorized for use by the Director of the LM Aero Quality & Mission Success (Q&MS) Supplier Quality Management (SQM), as of the date shown.


Current Version Description / Archives


Component Acceptance and Documentation for Shipments Between Co-Producers

Revision 2, July 19, 2010
Revision 1, June 15, 2010
Original, August 20, 1996

IQCS-460 Employee Certification Requirements for International Contractors

Revision 3, February 19, 2009
IQCS-480 Requirements for Materials Received from LMTAS or Other Coproducers/Suppliers.

(PDF, 9 KB)

Controlled Processes and Approved Processors
LM Approved Processors  - public link for non SQM account holders, no log-in required

QCS-001 Directory - located in the SQM system, must have SQM account for access

QCS-170 Seller Quality Requirements for Control of Processes and Approved Process Sources – Superseded in its entirety by QCS-001

TMS MC 015 (PDF, 280 KB)

Supplier Tooling Manual
Supplier Tooling Manual Changes

Revision 29, August 2014
Revision 28, June 2013
Revision 27, February 2012
Revision 26, April 2010
Revision 25, February 2009
Revision 24, June 2008
Revision 23, January 2008


Superseded/Cancelled Documents
(PDF, 913.3 KB)
Requirements for Corrective Action and Control of Nonconforming Material at International Sources -Superseded in its entirety by Appendix QX – latest revision
IQCS-440 F-16 Co-Producer First Article Inspection Requirements


First Article Inspection (FAI) Requirements (JSF Only) Within 3D Model Verification Environment


Preferred Distributor Terms and Conditions


Manufacturer's Terms and Conditions