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The Supplier Quality Management System (SQMS) is intended for LM Aero suppliers who need to submit production material to LM Aero for Material Review Board action. This is a secure site. You must use your user ID and password supplied to you by the system administrator. You must have an active "Nondisclosure Agreement" with LM Aero. You must also have a 128 bit encrypted browser. We strongly recommend the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or better in order to utilize all of the features of the site. Some features, such as entering multiple defects, will not work in some early browser versions including both Microsoft and Netscape.

This site is also utilized to submit queries on any issues (SPaRs) to request clarification or request actions of LM Aero and to access information on LM Aero approved process sources.  This site is also used for supplier disclosure of nonconformances discovered in previously produced or delivered items or items in transit to LM Aero.

Before accessing the SQMS below, you must have first contacted your LM Aero Quality & Mission Success (Q&MS) Supplier Quality Management (SQM) representative or Buyer to assure you are listed as a "contact" for your company. When you are sure you are, fill out the "request for account form". The system will advise when this account is active for your usage.

The system is now open for general use. Use the form below to request your account.

Click here to enter the LM Aero Supplier Quality Management System.

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At such time as Supplier Quality Management requires a supplier to submit a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), the minimum requirements to be contained in the supplier’s CAP is outlined in the Supplier Quality Management Corrective Action Plan Requirements guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain an account, first confirm that you are listed as a "contact" for your company, then fill out the Account Request Form. If you are not listed as a "contact" for your company, your request will be denied.

Account Request Form

NOTE: The person’s account will be inactivated if the system has not been accessed and the User ID/Password utilized in a 75-day period.

Contact the System Administrator

For password resets suppliers should refer to the SQM Help File.