Supplier Risk Event Notification

Use the Risk Event Notification Form (Coming Soon) to notify Lockheed Martin Aeronautics of risk events identified in Appendix QX including other events with potential to impact on-time delivery of products. Note: Use SPAR/SQAR/SDL submittal for quality issues related to the product – Your assigned Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) can assist if needed.

Download the form to your workstation and only use Adobe Acrobat to open, complete and submit; This form will not display or function appropriately using any other PDF viewing program.

Fill the form out completely selecting appropriate risk event from drop-down menu, affected programs and include appropriate comments. Selecting the “Submit Notification Form” will open your email application with form attached and a Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Resource Account in the “To:” line.  Note: Do not attach any additional files to the email that is generated.

Shortly after submission, you will receive an email response indicating receipt of the form and next steps guidance

Closure, Sale or Relocation Risk Events
Begin filling out the Closure, Sale, Relocation risk matrix immediately. The Buyer will follow up and provide assistance as needed. The details you capture in this document will help you with developing the Risk Mitigation Plan required by Appendix QX.

Questions regarding this process should be directed to your Buyer. If you are unable to contact your Buyer, your assigned SQE or TSM will be able to assist.

Other Risk Events
Work closely with your Buyer, SQE and (when available) TSM to identify risk mitigation strategies appropriate to the issue(s) at hand.